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Read Falling For My Husband (British Billionaires #1)(28) online free by Pamela Ann

Falling For My Husband (British Billionaires #1)(28)
Author: Pamela AnnWas it wrong that amidst all this tension and anger that I was getting turned on? He was all male and, dear God, the man was the sexiest animal I had ever seen.“You gave me your word. Last night, you promised that you’re mine.” Callum inched closer, his hard, chiseled chest pressed against my heaving br**sts. “I don’t appreciate being lied to, Stella. Even if your body has been a new addiction for me, I don’t forgive easily,” he growled into my face, making me quiver from being so aroused with the threat in his words. “If you want to back out on our agreement, then say so. Chasing women was never a thing for me and I don’t plan to start one now.”He wanted me to decide whether I wanted this or not. Right this instant. Well, what the heck did I want? My brows furrowed as I contemplated what to do. I’d choose him… but I knew I shouldn’t.“Give me a few days,” I finally found my voice, shaky.The air crackled between us. …

Read Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(33) online free by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(33)
Author: Kendall Ryan"Yes, fuck me. Harder," I beg, gripping his shoulders.Colton slams against me, his thick cock sliding in and out in a punishing rhythm.My gaze lowers from his and I look between us to the spot where we're joined. The sight is erotic and carnal, and my insides clench around him, teasing a low groan from his throat."You like that baby?" He surges forward again, burying himself to the hilt and my head drops back."Yess…" I groan. "Harder," I beg again.He suddenly lifts me from the counter, scooping me up underneath my butt and carrying me toward the bedroom.He dumps me down onto the mattress and gazes down at me. His hard cock is wet with my juices and his abs are clenched tight, but his face is completely composed and in control. "Get on your knees."I obey, quickly scrambling onto my hands and knees. Perched on the bed completely naked and ready, I wait to see wha…

Read Show Me, Baby: 1001 Dark Nights (Masters of the Shadowlands #9)(14) online free by Cherise Sinclair

Show Me, Baby: 1001 Dark Nights (Masters of the Shadowlands #9)(14)
Author: Cherise Sinclair“My mother didn’t like animals. And later, when…Well. I never got a pet.” She concentrated on picking up her spilled bag, and the light in her face dimmed.As she rocked, trying to rise, he put a hand under her arm and helped her to her feet.“Thanks.” She gave him an uncertain look. “I appreciate you bringing me home. So—”“While I’m here, I want to examine the dog. What’s his name again? Anger? Fury?”Her smile popped back out. “It’s Rhage—with an ‘RH’.”Right. Why the hell would she spell a name that way? Shaking his head, he lifted the pup and walked into the living room.Pretty place. Rainie’d overcome the apartment’s off-white walls and beige carpet by scattering bright floral pillows over her white-denim-covered couch and chair. Artwork of ocean vistas hung on the walls, and the coffee table and end tables were constructed of glass and driftwood. The entire room had a beach-at-sunrise ambiance.…

Read Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2)(20) online free by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2)(20)
Author: Suzanne Collins"Yeah, I bet it's a stunner," he says. He tosses the gloves on my lap. "Here. I don't want your fiance's old gloves.""He's not my fiance. That's just part of the act. And these aren't his gloves. They were Cinna's," I say."Give them back, then," he says. He pulls on the gloves, flexes his fingers, and nods in approval. "At least I'll die in comfort.""That's optimistic. Of course, you don't know what's happened," I say."Let's have it," he says.I decide to begin with the night Peeta and I were crowned victors of the Hunger Games, and Haymitch warned me of the Capitol's fury. I tell him about the uneasiness that dogged me even once I was back home, President Snow's visit to my house, the murders in District 11, the tension in the crowds, the last-ditch effort of the engagement, the president's indic…

Read Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(28) online free by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(28)
Author: Kendall RyanSophie trains her gaze on me and her challenging smirk tells me she knows exactly what game she's playing. Bad little girl. She'll be spanked later for trying to rile me up like this.I raise an eyebrow in question and Sophie shuts off the spray of water and wraps a towel around herself, covering up all of those beautiful assets.A shriek pierces the otherwise peaceful setting and all eyes dart over to the patio doors. Kylie is toting a screaming baby on her hip and a beach bag overflowing with diapers and baby toys in the other arm.I cross the stone walkway and take the bag from her shoulder – no way I'm offering to take a screaming baby. A calm one, I might attempt, but not this thing. He's taking lessons from a banshee, I'm sure of it. No other possible explanation for how he'd be able to reach those octaves, otherwise."Thanks. And sorry about Max," Kylie says, accepting my help.…

Read Gorgeous Chaos (Beautiful Mess #3)(22) online free by T.K. Leigh

Gorgeous Chaos (Beautiful Mess #3)(22)
Author: T.K. LeighAdele’s eyes softened. “Are you sure that’s a smart idea? I mean, do you really even know him? He has a tendency to keep secrets, and I just want to make sure that you know what you’re getting into, Olivia. Once you say ‘I do’, there’s no going back. Well, except through a rather lengthy and public divorce.”“What are you getting at? Alexander doesn’t keep anything from me. He’s an open book.” Olivia’s voice wavered slightly at the lies coming out of her mouth. She knew Alexander kept things from her. A lot of things.“Oh, really? Have you ever been in his office at home?”Olivia looked at her, wondering why that even mattered. She never had been in his home office, and he was diligent in ensuring that he kept it locked at all times, even when he was in there. “Adele, the nature of Alexander’s business is such that he has to keep his work classified,” she explained, all the while wondering what he was keeping in that room.“It’s not …

Read Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(30) online free by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(30)
Author: Kendall RyanI can hear Colton and my dad downstairs somewhere talking quietly. I don’t know what I'd do without him. He is my rock and my love for him has only quadrupled in the past two days.My mom comes in when the sun begins its descent across the sky."Honey?" she taps on the open door and enters."Hi, Mom."She sits down on the bed beside me. "As soon as we got to the emergency room, Becca asked one of the nurses for paper and a pen."I wonder why she's telling me this, until she pulls a square of paper from her pocket and hands it to me. "Even though we assured her she'd be fine once they got the antibiotics into her system, she seemed to know something we didn’t. She wrote this in a fury while they attached her to an IV drip and removed her port. Then she folded it up and told me to give it to you. I haven’t read it."I hold the paper in my hands. It's still warm from …

Read Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(27) online free by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(27)
Author: Kendall RyanI want to fuck you.;)"I'm gonna go for a swim," Becca says.Shit, I'm so wrapped up in my naughty text conversation with Colton that I'd forgotten she was beside me. "Okay. Have fun." I watch as she saunters away toward the pool, and see Pace looking longingly after her, but not making a move. I briefly wonder if Colton's warned him to stay away from her.Once Becca's in the water, I glance back down at my phone.My cock misses you. I told him we'd have you later, but he's pretty fucking adamant it needs to be now.Now? As in NOW?Is he insane? We can't possibly. Just as my head is spinning, my phone chimes in my hand.Yes.I glance up at him and watch him type out another message.Meet me in the pool house.My nipples harden against my bikini top and my heart trips over itself in its fight to pick up speed. Without waiting for me to respond, Colton tucks his phone into t…

Read Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(23) online free by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(23)
Author: Kendall RyanEvery time she rocks against me, I can feel her love burning right through me. White hot and so powerful it steals my breath. I'd never understood the sentiment making love, or how it differed from sex, but in this moment, I do. I completely fucking get it. It's a beautiful act. Two bodies sharing one perfect moment, racing together toward release. This is what I've been waiting for. This. Us. Face to face. Nothing between us but raw heat and sweet exploration.Unable to lie quiet and still a moment longer, I lift her from me and place her flat on her back against the bed. I move over the top of her and spread her legs wide."This time I want you to come on my cock." I push forward, sinking inside her with a swift thrust.She whimpers softly and chews on her lip."Wrap your legs around me, baby," I tell her, pushing my cock into her just a little deeper.Sophie moans, her legs lifting an…

Read Crossfire series(1-5) online free by Sylvia Day

Crossfire series(1-5)
Author: Sylvia Day
Sylvia Day
    Day's Crossfire series has 13 million English-language copies in print and international rights licensed in over 40 territories as of January 2014.
    Bared to You was #4 on the's list of top 10 best-selling books of 2012, #5 on iTunes' Top Ten Books of the Year, and #7 on Bookscan's Top 10 Print Book Sales of 2012 – Adult Fiction.
    The Crossfire series has been acquired by Lionsgate Television Group for television adaptation.
Bared to You (Crossfire #1)
    He was beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I’d never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily…
    Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other’s most private wounds…and desires.The bonds of his love transformed me, even as i prayed th…

Read A Shiver of Light (Merry Gentry #9)(9) online free by Laurell K. Hamilton

A Shiver of Light (Merry Gentry #9)(9)
Author: Laurell K. HamiltonGwenwyfar was crying full-out. Rhys picked her up and he and Galen passed each other as Gwenwyfar came to feed beside her sister, and Alastair got to be bottle-fed by Sholto.Gwenwyfar settled onto my other breast across from her sister with a little sigh of contentment. Did babies really come into the world knowing that much of who they were and what they wanted? Gwenwyfar already had a strong preference for Mommy, as opposed to the bottle.I realized that the room was quiet, full of contented noises, which meant Alastair was taking his bottle. I looked across the room to where Rhys and Galen had both been working with Sholto to help him bottle-feed. Sholto had a little smile on his face, and he had relaxed, so that Alastair fit in the crook of his arm and the bottle was at a good angle. The baby was drinking hard and steady, his tiny curled fist on one side of the bottle as if he were already trying to help hold it. I kn…

Read Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #3)(14) online free by Laurell K. Hamilton

Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #3)(14)
Author: Laurell K. HamiltonI walked towards the police, smiling. Jean-Claude stood there in the middle of the ring, his white shirt so bloody it clung to him like water, outlining the point of one nipple hard against the cloth. Blood was smeared down one side of his face. His arms were crimson to the elbows. The youngest vampire, a woman, had buried her face in the snake's blood. She was scooping the bloody meat into her mouth and sucking on it. The sounds were wet and seemed louder than they should have been."My name's Anita Blake. I work with the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team. I've got ID.""Who's that with you?" The uniform nodded his head in the man's direction. His gun was still pointed vaguely towards the ring.I whispered out of the corner of my mouth, "What is your name?""Richard Zeeman," he said softly.Out loud I said, "Richard Zeeman, just an in…

Read Gorgeous Chaos (Beautiful Mess #3)(12) online free by T.K. Leigh

Gorgeous Chaos (Beautiful Mess #3)(12)
Author: T.K. LeighAs soon as he walked onto Charles Street and looked over his shoulder to make sure that she hadn’t followed him, he picked up his cell phone. “Donovan. It’s Simon. I think she bought it. You’re a fucking genius, man.”“No. I just know people.”CHAPTER SIXOUR PLACEOLIVIA CIRCLED OUT OF Boston Common Park, her conversation with Simon replaying in her mind for the remainder of her short run. It was unmistakable that he had changed quite a bit since August when he came at her with a knife. He now seemed like an entirely different person. Maybe being in prison gave him some perspective about where his life was headed if he didn’t get his act together. The pain on his face when he confessed his feelings for her was heartbreaking, and she felt bad for the way she treated him during their brief “relationship”.Still, Simon’s warning lay heavy on her mind. She always thought that Alexander was simply being overprotective, but maybe he knew s…

Read Double Dare (Neighbor from Hell #6)(9) online free by R.L. Mathewson

Double Dare (Neighbor from Hell #6)(9)
Author: R.L. Mathewson“Because you have trust issues,” she pointed out, discreetly pushing back and trying to force him back inside in an attempt to distract him and because she’d been enjoying herself damn it!“Marybeth,” he said sighing her name heavily as he pulled out the rest of the way and flipped her over onto her back.Before she could even consider trying to argue her way to freedom, he was running his very talented tongue between her slit. “Oh, God…”“What’s going on, Marybeth?” he asked as he leisurely licked her.“Ummmm, nothing,” she mumbled, licking her lips hungrily as she tried to resist him.“Try again,” he said, settling more firmly between her legs, getting comfortable, which was not a good sign.It meant that he was planning on stretching this out for as long as it took to get what he wanted. She couldn’t do this. Not after the last time. She’d barely survived. She also hadn’t been able to talk for two days after that since the basta…

Read Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies #1)(10) online free by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies #1)(10)
Author: Kendall RyanSo the big bad CEO is afraid of the dark? A small part of me feels comforted by this fact – it makes him more human somehow. The bed is plenty big enough to accommodate us both and if I’d been locked in a room of my own all night, I would crumble into a sobbing hysterical mess as the gravity of my new living situation hit me. Being near him means I have to keep my carefully crafted mask in place. Besides, I’m used to sharing a bedroom with Becca since we were infants, and the idea of sleeping alone in an unfamiliar place doesn’t appeal to me. I was sure the sounds and groans from the house would keep me up most of the night, my mind churning. At least I’ll have someone nearby if something happened. Of course this same someone could roll toward me in the night expecting sex. But something tells me the sex won’t happen tonight. I have to take my chances – not that I have a choice, I remind myself. I am his to do wit…

Read A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess #1)(10) online free by T.K. Leigh

A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess #1)(10)
Author: T.K. Leigh“I’ll keep that in mind,” Olivia said, turning to enter her house.“Miss Adler…” Alexander said, causing her to turn and stare back into his eyes again. He didn’t want to leave her. And he didn’t want her to walk out of his life just yet.“Yes?”Alexander hesitated. He contemplated asking her out. But like Olivia, he didn’t date. He fucked. And that was it. “It was a pleasure meeting you. I do hope our paths cross again, but under better circumstances.”Olivia had no idea what to say to that. She simply nodded her head and turned to enter her house, closing her door and leaving Alexander standing on her front stoop, amazed at how different his evening had turned out from where it began. He went out for a drink and ran into Chelsea, an old friend that he had hooked up with from time to time over the past decade. The tall red-head helped him forget everything for a few hours. He had been in total control of everything. That was what …

Read Star Struck (Lights, Camera #2)(8) online free by Laurelin Paige

Star Struck (Lights, Camera #2)(8)
Author: Laurelin PaigeBut the only people she encountered were writers and directors and actors signing in, as well as the stage manager’s crew who were leading them.When Heather’s paperwork was completed, Vera gathered a few of the actors and gave them a tour of the stage while she went through the familiar spiel of how the next twenty-four hours would work. “You have ten minutes until intros start. Everyone will be there and you’ll get matched up with the writers and the directors. There’s six of each. After your intros, the writers will have all night to write their plays, about fifteen pages—fifteen minutes—in length. They’ll include info from your intros in the plays they write, so if there’s something you really want to do on stage that you’ve never done, that’s the time to mention it.”Heather bumped h*ps with Angie, one of the other actresses. “I know you’ve always wanted to smack me. Now’s your chance.”Everyone laughed.“Exactly,” Vera agreed. …

Read Gorgeous Chaos (Beautiful Mess #3)(5) online free by T.K. Leigh

Gorgeous Chaos (Beautiful Mess #3)(5)
Author: T.K. LeighOlivia’s spine straightened, her eyes growing wide. She met Alexander’s gaze, the heat emanating from it palpable. She swallowed hard. “That’s pretty fucking hot.” She grabbed another spoonful of ice cream, brought it to her lips, opened her mouth slightly, and took a bite while Alexander watched her, his expression intense. She closed her eyes, moaning as she slowly slid the spoon out of her mouth.“Do you want me to fuck you, Olivia?” he whispered in her ear.She opened her eyes to see Alexander looking at her with a hooded stare. “Yes,” she exhaled.He grabbed her hair, tilting her head back to expose her neck. “Yes, what?”Olivia’s blood spiked. She loved playing his little game. “Yes, Mr. Burnham.”“That’s better.” He stood up, grabbing her hand. “Let’s get home.” He pulled her down Main Street. The short walk back home seemed to take an eternity.“Oh, you’re back,” Colleen said, spotting Alexander and Olivia as they practically ra…

Read Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(12) online free by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(12)
Author: Kendall RyanIs it even possible to be friends with a man I want so desperately?When night falls, I’ve showered and brushed my teeth and done my regular nightly ritual, but I’m anything but ready for bed. My body is wound too tight. I’m beginning to think this new arrangement I’ve agreed to will never work.After tossing and turning for an hour, I decide to go to Colton. I know my actions – going into his bedroom in the middle of the night – will define how we spend our next several months, but I don’t care. I need to see him, to talk to him, to understand what I’m getting myself into.I creep down the hallway on tiptoes like a stealthy intruder and tap gently on his door.No response.Maybe he’s already asleep.I let myself in and my eyes search out the darkened room. His blankets are in a messy heap on the bed, but I don’t see any movement."Colton?" I whisper.Nothing.I creep closer and kneel at the edge of the mattress.…

Read Capture Me Slowly (Shattered #3)(4) online free by Joya Ryan

Capture Me Slowly (Shattered #3)(4)
Author: Joya Ryan“Did you enjoy my company the last time we met?”His gaze was hot as it skated down the length of my body. Very different than how any other man had ever looked at me. Like I was exotic. Sexy. Worthwhile.“I did. Of course, you were either devouring my mouth or smarting off with yours, so it was hard not to enjoy it.”“You kissed me,” I said, correcting him.“And you liked it.” All that male confidence and swagger was hypnotic. He merely stated facts. And yes, I did like it. And that was a fact.“Let’s not argue semantics. You shot me down, I shot you down. We’re even now.”His blond brows sliced down. “I shot you down? How did you come up with that notion?”“Because I was there. I offered to take you and that kiss home for the night and — ”“I offered you dinner first. That’s not shooting you down.”It was to me. Dinner meant a date and dating was something I didn’t do. Mostly because a couple meals and weeks into “seeing” a guy, he turns ou…

Read Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies #1)(13) online free by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies #1)(13)
Author: Kendall Ryan"Marta will take care of you today – she’ll get you what you need, okay?"She nods, her posture unsure. I hadn’t planned on leaving her today. I have to work the rest of the week, so today I planned on enjoying her in the many rooms of my home, but if I flake out on my brothers now, I’ll never hear the end of it."What about later?" She looks up and blinks those gorgeous blue eyes at me. I try to read her look. Hesitation? Interest? I shrug it off. I’m sure it’s nothing more than mere curiosity at when I’m going to take her virginity. That’d be the only obvious thing on her mind. It’s her entire purpose for being here.I bend down to whisper near her ear, careful that my brothers don’t overhear. "I quite enjoyed my cock in your mouth last night."She swallows and lets out a tiny gasp, inaudible to anyone but me. The sound makes my dick flex in my pants. Fuck.I raise one hand and stroke he…

Read Capture Me Slowly (Shattered #3)(13) online free by Joya Ryan

Capture Me Slowly (Shattered #3)(13)
Author: Joya RyanAfter a roofied night, having no money and standing in a desecrated apartment, I felt like I was back at square one. Which meant that I needed to start thinking like Street Emma.“Everybody wants something, Rhys.” I looked at him, because as long as I was being truthful, it was his turn to dish. “You want to help me? What are you charging?”“Nothing. I just want you to be safe.”“Bullshit, nothing is free.”“Adam helped you,” he countered.“Yeah, and Adam wanted something in return.”I had to go to school, clean up, behave, and yes, he did care, but he was overbearing and in my business all the time. It came from a good place, I knew that. Knew he loved me. And I loved him, which was why I was trying to stay away from him and the life he’s built. He’s finally happy, an honest kind of happy, and he’s letting go of his past, which was more brutal than mine in some ways. I didn’t want him to have to deal with me anymore.“Like I said, I want …

Read Double Dare (Neighbor from Hell #6)(6) online free by R.L. Mathewson

Double Dare (Neighbor from Hell #6)(6)
Author: R.L. Mathewson“I’m fine,” she muttered as she grabbed her sleeping bag and threw it on top of his.“Then come out and join us,” Darrin said as he unzipped the large net window at the back of the tent.“No,” she simply said as she sat on top of her mattress, laid back and closed her eyes.“You want to tell me what’s wrong?” he asked, not exactly surprising her that he’d realized that something was wrong, but she’d kind of been hoping that he’d just assumed that she was upset about Malcolm.“No,” she said, rolling over onto her side, facing away from him and hoping that he’d just take the hint and go away.“I know that you’re not upset about that prick, so tell me what’s going on?” he asked just as she registered the feel of his fingertips tracing a line down her neck, leaving a path of goose bumps behind.“He wasn’t a prick,” she admitted with a grumble.Malcolm had been a nice guy, sweet, kind, considerate and had apparently been falling in love …

Read A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess #1)(5) online free by T.K. Leigh

A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess #1)(5)
Author: T.K. LeighShe ended up finishing the set with the band. Afterwards, the bartender sent a round of tequila shots to the stage for the reunited band and they obligingly took their shots together. “Here’s to Groove Delay finally being back together,” Willy, the bass player, shouted, raising his empty shot glass.“It’s definitely good to be back singing with y’all.” Olivia looked around at the guys that she practically lived with during her college years. Besides Kiera, they were the only family she had left, although she had shut them out of her life the past several years. Why she had waited that long to see them again, she had no idea.“So, will you sing with us once in a while?” Mo asked with a hopeful look on his face.“You know I can’t tell you no,” Olivia replied coyly. She wrapped her arms around Mo. “Thank you,” she whispered into his ear so no one could hear.“You know I love you, baby girl.” Mo squeezed her tight and gave her a quick k…

Read Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(24) online free by Sarah J. Maas

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(24)
Author: Sarah J. MaasChaol’s muscles were locked, and even Nesryn couldn’t draw her bow fast enough as the ax rose.A thud silenced the city square. People applauded—applauded. The sound covered the second thud of the man’s head falling and rolling away.Then Chaol was in another room, in the castle that had once been his home, listening to the thud of flesh and bone on marble, red mist coating the air, Dorian screaming—Oath-breaker. Liar. Traitor. Chaol was all of those things now, but not to Dorian. Never to his true king.“Take out the clock tower in the garden,” he said, the words barely audible. He felt Aelin turn toward him. “And magic will be free. It was a spell—three towers, all built of Wyrdstone. Take out one, and magic is free.”She glanced northward without so much as a blink of surprise, as though she could see all the way to the glass castle. “Thank you,” she murmured. That was it.“It’s for Dorian’s sake.” Perhaps cruel, perhaps self…

Read A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess #1)(13) online free by T.K. Leigh

A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess #1)(13)
Author: T.K. LeighAfter braving the Boston streets teeming with tourists, Alexander finally reached Boston Common, inwardly detesting the hot and humid weather that early in the morning, but he had run in tougher conditions in the past. As he ran through the large park, he couldn’t stop thinking about the woman he met just a few nights before. Her eyes flashed through his memory. He smirked a little as he recalled the expression on her face during his attempts to hit on her.As he rounded the corner, the crystal clear lake came into view. The Swan Boats were out as tourists clambered for their turn to ride the famous boats. In the corner of his eye, he saw a woman sprinting in his direction. He stilled, flashing back to Friday night. It all seemed so familiar, but there was something different. No, this time, the woman was running for fun and not because her life depended on it. It looked like her, but surely, it couldn’t be. What were the chance…

Read Gorgeous Chaos (Beautiful Mess #3)(15) online free by T.K. Leigh

Gorgeous Chaos (Beautiful Mess #3)(15)
Author: T.K. LeighOlivia met Kiera’s gaze and gave her a grateful smile. “Thanks, Care Bear.” She loved her friend’s perspective.“Okay. Back to important shit,” she said, releasing Olivia’s hand. “Pick a weekend for Vegas!”She laughed, relieved to be discussing a lighter topic.The friends spent the next several hours enjoying the weather and each other’s company, as well as a few bottles of wine. As the sun began to go down, a chill set in and the girls retreated indoors.“Shit,” Olivia said upon noticing the time. “I should probably call Alexander before he freaks out.”“Yeah. You’re probably right. Jack’s expecting me, as well.”Olivia raised her eyebrows.“Yup. That’s right, Libby. Kiera’s getting laid tonight.”“Jesus, Kiera,” she responded, her face turning bright red. “I don’t want to hear the details about you and Mo.”Kiera laughed. “Okay, Libs. Thanks for the fun afternoon. Dress shopping this Saturday.”Olivia hugged her friend and said good-by…

Read Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(7) online free by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(7)
Author: Kendall RyanCurving my hand around, I palm one rounded ass cheek that’s soft and warm in my hand and knead the succulent flesh. She drives me fucking crazy with desire. I want her ass. I want every part of her.Feeling bold, I slip one finger under the elastic of her panties and feel her draw a shuddering breath. That’s right baby. Let me touch you."You want this, don’t you?" I whisper against her collarbone.She shakes her head."Don’t lie to me, sweetness."I caress a finger along her silken folds. She’s already damp with desire. I drag my finger up her slit, parting her lips and find her clit. Using the pad of my index finger, I circle the little bundle of nerves and feel it swell. Hell yeah. Remembering the first time I got her off, my cock engorges with blood until it's rock hard and almost painful.Sophie’s hands ball into fists at her sides, and she looks like she’s struggling with something. Her brow…

Read Double Dare (Neighbor from Hell #6)(3) online free by R.L. Mathewson

Double Dare (Neighbor from Hell #6)(3)
Author: R.L. Mathewson“Where are you going?” the only person in the world that could make her smile even as he pissed her off asked from where he stood, leaning back against the house where he’d apparently been waiting for her.“Home,” she said, gesturing towards the woods and the path that would take her home where she could sit on her couch, eating cookie dough and watching old Saturday Night Live episodes while she pretended to study for her algebra test.“I see,” Darrin murmured thoughtfully and as much as she’d love to ignore him and go home, something in his tone had her stopping and turning around to glare at him.“You see what exactly?” she asked, narrowing her eyes on him.“That you’re a chicken,” he said with that cocky smile of his, the same one that most of the men in his family seemed to have perfected by the age of ten.She blinked up at him, sure that she’d misheard him. “I’m a chicken because I didn’t want to go in a closet and get felt…

Read A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess #1)(2) online free by T.K. Leigh

A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess #1)(2)
Author: T.K. Leigh“No, Mel. It’s okay,” Olivia breathed. “I didn’t want to have to deal with this tonight,” she explained.Olivia had met Simon while she was working at the wellness center. He worked construction for one of the companies that had been hired to design and construct a new studio room. He asked Olivia out for a drink the first day he was there. And every day for the next month. On the day that the studio room construction was finished, he asked one last time. Olivia reluctantly agreed.“Why not?” Bridget asked, sounding surprised. “I thought you guys were dating.”“Miss Olivia doesn’t date, remember? She has sex with guys while remaining hopelessly unattached,” Kiera explained, laughing as she eyed Olivia.“Kiera!” Olivia shouted, playfully smacking her friend. “You make it sound like I’m a whore!”“Oh, you’re not a whore. Far from it. You just refuse to be in a relationship. With anyone.”Olivia glared at Kiera who knew her reasons for n…

Read Double Dare (Neighbor from Hell #6)(11) online free by R.L. Mathewson

Double Dare (Neighbor from Hell #6)(11)
Author: R.L. Mathewson“One,” he said and when Marybeth opened her mouth to try to get out of spending the night in his arms, he slapped his hand over her mouth and stressed, “Just one room.”She glanced at Marybeth, but when Marybeth didn’t say anything, mostly because she was too busy trying to slap his hand away, the woman focused back on her computer screen. “I have a queen, two doubles and a king with-”“We’ll take the king,” he said, cutting her off, hoping to rush this along before Marybeth-“Ow!” he snapped, pulling his hand away and trying shake off the sting as he glared down at the small woman that adored him. “Stop pinching me!”“We,” she said, practically seething with rage, “are no longer speaking.”“Shhh, it’s okay, darling. I know that you really don’t mean it,” he said in his most condescending tone as he reached over and petted her on the head, loving the way that her face turned bright red with rage.She opened her mouth, probably to …

Read Double Dare (Neighbor from Hell #6)(14) online free by R.L. Mathewson

Double Dare (Neighbor from Hell #6)(14)
Author: R.L. MathewsonOnce she was done, she reached over, switched off her light and crawled in bed. She curled up on her side, closed her eyes and released a sleepy sigh as she settled in for the night before she muttered, “Get the hell out.”A warm chuckle teased her ear, making her shiver as Darrin wrapped his large arm around her and pulled her closer. “I was wondering when you’d get around to kicking me out,” he said, kissing her shoulder.“Now you know,” she said around a yawn, “so get out.”He kissed her neck. “Turn over.”Oh, God…It actually frightened her how badly she wanted to do just that. She usually loved how he could drive her crazy with just a few words, a look, a smile or a simple kiss to her shoulder, but not right now. Right now she just wanted to pass out and stay that way until it was time to drag her ass out of bed and go to work.“I can’t,” she mumbled, whimpering a bit at the end there.“You can, sweetheart,” he said soothingly…

Read Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(30) online free by Sarah J. Maas

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(30)
Author: Sarah J. MaasWhen she was certain she could move again, she strode into her bedroom. She was naked before she reached the bathing chamber, and she sat herself right in the cold, dry tub before she turned on the water.Once she emerged, clean and wearing one of Sam’s old white shirts and a pair of his undershorts, Chaol was waiting for her on the couch. She didn’t dare look at his face—not yet.Lysandra popped her head in from the guest room. “I’m just finishing cleaning him up. He should be fine, if he doesn’t burst the stitches again. No infection, thank the gods.”Aelin lifted a limp hand in thanks, also not daring to look into the room behind Lysandra to see the massive figure lying on the bed, a towel around his waist. If Chaol and the courtesan had been introduced, she didn’t particularly care.There was no good place to have this talk with Chaol, so she just stood in the center of the room and watched as the captain rose from his seat…

Read Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(29) online free by Sarah J. Maas

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(29)
Author: Sarah J. MaasAedion’s breath was like shards of glass in his lungs, but the blood-covered woman—Aelin—was tugging him along, cursing at him for being so slow. The garden was enormous, and shouts rose over the hedges behind them, closing in.Then they were at a stone wall already Wyrdmarked in blood, and there were strong hands reaching down to help him up and over. He tried to tell her to go first, but she was shoving at his back and then his legs, pushing him up as the two men atop the wall grunted with his weight. The wound in his ribs stretched and burned in agony. The world grew bright and spun as the hooded men eased him down to the quiet city street on the other side. He had to brace a hand against the wall to keep from slipping in the pooled blood of the downed royal guards beneath. He recognized none of their faces, some still set in silent screams.There was the hiss of a body on stone, and then his cousin swung down beside him, …

Read Capture Me Slowly (Shattered #3) online free by Joya Ryan

Capture Me Slowly (Shattered #3)
Author: Joya RyanChapter One“We have a thirty-day billing cycle, Miss Wade,” Randall Hamm, my “boss,” said from across the desk. If his creepy gaze drifted to my chest one more time, I was going to sock him in the throat.It was one thing to own your sexuality and choose what, or who, you wanted to screw. There was empowerment in that, after all. But after a month of “accidental” gropes and the extra-long staring contests my boss had going with my boobs, I was done. Done with him. Done with this city. Just done.Taking a few freelance programming gigs was how I had been supporting myself since moving to New York and crashing in on my friend, Megan Riley. Only now, New York was no longer safe, Megan Riley was off honeymooning as Mrs. Preston Strauss and my savings account was down to almost zero.“Yeah, I get that. But I got your company’s server cleaned up, the website running and all malware erased. I fixed all the issues over two months ago. I’m leaving …

Read Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies #1) online free by Kendall Ryan

Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies #1)
Author: Kendall RyanPrologueTonight I will be sold to the highest bidder. As I stand here in this quiet room, I try to find that little voice of reason telling me I’m doing the right thing. She’s nowhere to be found. Traitorous whore.I meet my dim blue gaze in the mirror and remind myself that I’m entering into this arrangement knowingly, and by choice. Not the choice I want to make, certainly not my life’s ambition, but it’s a choice I have to make in order to save someone I love.In another hour I will belong to someone – a man with sick needs and fetishes that propel him to purchase his companion rather than date a normal girl. Heaven help me.Chapter OneSophieI’ve been told that I could go for more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and maybe more given that I’m still a virgin. The money will mean the difference between life and death for my twin sister and best friend in the whole world. It will mean I can pay the fees to ge…

Read His Black Sheep Bride (Aristocratic Grooms #1)(12) online free by Anna DePalo

His Black Sheep Bride (Aristocratic Grooms #1)(12)
Author: Anna DePalo“In earrings and a necklace, of course,” he murmured, echoing her words.In fact, he’d love to describe what he was looking for—in and out of bed.The truth was, he acknowledged to himself with some degree of surprise, if he’d ever let himself really look over the years, he’d have said Tamara wasn’t too far off the mark from what he usually looked for in a woman, though he’d never dated a redhead.She had inherited her mother’s model looks and figure. She had generous br**sts and hips, but still managed to look willowy and statuesque. And she had amazing bone structure. Her lips were full, balanced by an aquiline nose and delicately arched brows over crystalline green eyes. She was good enough to grace the cover of any glamour magazine, if she chose. That she didn’t choose said a lot about her.Physically, she fit his type. But he’d always envisioned someone who embraced his aristocratic heritage as his bride.Tamara pull…

Read Persuader (Jack Reacher #7)(40) online free by Lee Child

Persuader (Jack Reacher #7)(40)
Author: Lee Child"But they wouldn't run away afterward," I said. "They would stick around and face the music."She went quiet and stayed quiet for a long time. Sipped her coffee slowly."I've been there maybe eight or ten times," she said. "Where the college is, I mean. They run events for the students' families, now and then. And I try to be there at the start and finish of every semester. One summer I even rented a little U-Haul and helped him move his stuff home.""So?""It's a small school," she said. "But even so, on the first day of the semester it gets very busy. Lots of parents, lots of students, SUVs, cars, vans, traffic everywhere. The family days are even worse. And you know what?""What?""I've never seen a town policeman there. Not once. Certainly not a detective in plain clothes."I looked out the window to the internal mall sidewalk."…

Read Checkmate (Neighbor from Hell #3)(10) online free by R.L. Mathewson

Checkmate (Neighbor from Hell #3)(10)
Author: R.L. Mathewson"But you're still thinking about me and smiling when you do it," he said with a wink, leaning over and swiping her hot cocoa before she could stop him."Hey!" she said, trying to grab it out of his hands, but the damn man simply cupped the top of her head and held her back as he downed her delicious hot cocoa. She hated when he did this to her. It made her feel foolish and little and as soon as she got the chance she was kicking his ass."You bastard!" she hissed when he made a big show of smacking his lips."That was a damn good cup of cocoa, Rory. Thanks," he said, handing her back the cup as he dropped his hand away from her head."How could you?" she mumbled as she looked longingly down at the now empty coffee cup where her delicious hot cocoa had once been."Are you ready to admit that I'm the best part of your day?" he asked, leaning back against the banister…

Read Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(19) online free by Sarah J. Maas

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(19)
Author: Sarah J. MaasAelin loosed a tight breath, rubbing her eyes. Dreaming was bad enough. She would not waste energy missing him, wishing he were here to talk everything through, or to just have the comfort of waking up beside him and knowing he existed.She swallowed hard, her body too heavy as she rose from the bed.She had told herself once that it wasn’t a weakness to need Rowan’s help, to want his help, and that perhaps there was a kind of strength in acknowledging that, but … He wasn’t a crutch, and she never wanted him to become one.Still, as she downed her cold breakfast, she wished she hadn’t felt such a strong need to prove that to herself weeks ago.Especially when word arrived via urchin banging on the warehouse door that she’d been summoned to the Assassins’ Keep. Immediately.12An emotionless guard delivered the duke’s summons, and Manon—who had been about to take Abraxos for a solo ride—ground her teeth for a good five minutes as …

Read Aflame (Fall Away #4)(31) online free by Penelope Douglas

Aflame (Fall Away #4)(31)
Author: Penelope DouglasHe jerked his head behind him. “My house. We threw a party together. Fallon said she texted you an hour ago.”“No.” I shook my head, knowing exactly whom I’d see there. “No party.”He halted, pushing his suit jacket open and planting his hands on his hips.“What are you wearing?” I asked, taking in the black suit pants and jacket and the light blue shirt with the royal blue tie. His clothes and hair were sleek and stylish, and I could never get over how he wound up with someone as alternative as Fallon.He straightened, suddenly looking affronted. Running a hand down his front, he tipped his chin down at me. “Hot or not?” he asked, turning playful as he referred to his clothes. “I had to go in for my internship for a few hours this morning.”I turned my eyes back out to the track, deciding not to encourage him.“Let’s go.” His strong voice nagged again, getting back on topic.I heaved out a sigh and hopped off the hood. “Knock it off. I don’t …

Read Kisses From Jack (The Kisses Series #1.5)(21) online free by Krista Lakes

Kisses From Jack (The Kisses Series #1.5)(21)
Author: Krista Lakes“I think it was his wife. She had a big diamond on her finger,” he said with a smile. “I’m Jack by the way. Jack Saunders.”“Emma. Emma LaRue,” I replied and shook his outstretched hand. His skin was warm and his grip firm. I felt a strange tingle run through my fingers as we touched, like we were completing a circuit. He smiled and repeated my name, still holding onto my hand.“Emma. Well, it is very nice to meet you, Emma. Are you staying at the resort here?” He asked. I nodded and held up my other wrist with the pink bracelet.“Yup. How about you?”“No, I am staying at a house on the beach a little further down,” he said, jerking his head back in the direction he had come from. He still hadn’t let go of my hand and I wasn’t about to complain. I found myself wanting to touch even more of him.“Oh, that must be nice. The houses I saw on the way in looked very nice,” I said, instantly sounding dumb in my head. I needed to fin…

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Read Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(20) online free by Sarah J. Maas

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(20)
Author: Sarah J. Maas“Lady,” Asterin said softly.Manon pointed to the stairs behind. “You get to be the one to tell the others. Now.”“Manon,” Asterin said, a plea in her voice that Manon had never heard before.Manon kept walking, her red cloak stifling in the stairwell. She did not particularly care to hear what Asterin had to say—not when her grandmother had made it clear that any step out of line, any disobedience, would earn them all a brutal and swift execution. The cloak around her would never allow her to forget it.“I’ll see you at the aerie in an hour,” Manon said, not bothering to look back as she entered her tower.And smelled a human inside.The young servant knelt before the fireplace, a brush and dustpan in her hands. She was trembling only slightly, but the tang of her fear had already coated the room. She’d likely been panicked from the moment she’d set foot inside the chamber.The girl ducked her head, her sheet of midnight hair sli…

Read Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(16) online free by Sarah J. Maas

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(16)
Author: Sarah J. MaasLysandra’s nostrils flared delicately. “I think he sent me here so you could kill me. As a present.”“And you came to beg me to reconsider?” No wonder she’d brought the child, then. The selfish, spineless coward, to use Evangeline as a shield. To bring a child into this world of theirs.Lysandra glanced at the knife strapped to Aelin’s thigh. “Kill me if you want. Evangeline already knows what I suspect, and won’t say a word.”Aelin willed her face into a mask of icy calm.“But I did come to warn you,” Lysandra went on. “He might offer you presents, might help you with this rescue, but he is having you watched—and he has his own agenda. That favor you offered him—he didn’t tell me what it is, but it’s likely to be a trap, in one way or another. I’d consider whether his help is worth it, and see if you can get out of it.”She wouldn’t—couldn’t. Not for about a dozen different reasons.When Aelin didn’t respond, Lysandra took a sha…

Read Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(21) online free by Sarah J. Maas

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)(21)
Author: Sarah J. MaasThe strike and clang of metal on metal was the only sound as Sorrel weighed one of the blades herself. “You know I support any decision you make,” she said. Sorrel’s brown hair was pulled tightly back, her tan face—probably pretty for mortals—steady and solid as ever. “But Asterin …”Manon stifled a sigh. The Thirteen hadn’t dared show any reaction when Manon had taken Sorrel for this visit before the hunt. Vesta had kept close to Asterin in the aerie, though—out of solidarity or silent outrage, Manon didn’t know. But Asterin had met Manon’s stare and nodded—gravely, but she had nodded.“Do you not want to be Second?” Manon said.“It is an honor to be your Second,” Sorrel said, her rough voice cutting through the hammers and fires. “But it was also an honor to be your Third. You know Asterin toes a fine line with wildness on a good day. Stuff her in this castle, tell her she can’t kill or maim or hunt, tell her to keep away fr…

Read Endless Magic (Star-Crossed #4) online free by Rachel Higginson

Endless Magic (Star-Crossed #4)
Author: Rachel HigginsonChapter OneThe door slammed loudly behind him and I slumped back into my leather sitting chair exhausted from the constant argument that seemed to be our only interaction. Kiran left again, infuriated with my stubbornness and claiming he had some palace business that would keep him away probably through the night.I knew there was no real business. But I was thankful for the quiet, thankful for the momentary reprieve.My eyelids fluttered, trying desperately to fall back asleep. I forced myself to stand, and move around. My joints cracked with the effort and my muscles protested from the movement. I rubbed at my weary eyes, knowing how desperately they needed eyeliner.I paced the empty bedroom; I felt more alone than seemed humanly possible. The ancient stone of the castle had been overlaid with polished, dark wood, and the floor stung ice cold against my bare feet.I sighed into the silence, frustrated with my captivity and angry at…

Read Bound (Mastered #1)(11) online free by Lorelei James

Bound (Mastered #1)(11)
Author: Lorelei JamesShe guzzled half her glass of water. “What’s in this bar experiment for you?”Ronin brought her hand to his mouth, pressing soft kisses from the edge of her wrist to the fleshy skin below her thumb. “I get to look at you for an hour, which you know I like. And when the time is up, I get to be the guy you’ll leave the bar with.”Amery gave him a skeptical look. “You won’t have a bunch of your friends there as ringers, pretending to be interested in me?”“First of all, I wouldn’t do something so dishonorable. Second, I want you to see all the men that flock to you when you’re not surrounded by g*y camouflage.”She laughed. “Okay. You’re on. But I have two conditions.”“Which I’ll allow you to mention but I do not have to abide by, since the experiment was my idea and the rules are mine to make.” He smiled serenely. “But please, go ahead and tell me your conditions.”“I want to hear your backstory.”“Didn’t you read my bio on the Web site?”She had, de…

Read Hollowmen (The Hollows #2)(22) online free by Amanda Hocking

Hollowmen (The Hollows #2)(22)
Author: Amanda HockingAll his clothes were soaking wet, and his jeans weren’t much more than rags. The gray army jacket he wore was stained heavily with zombie blood. The shoulder straps to his pack were held together with worn duct tape.“I’m not a zombie,” he repeated when we didn’t say anything, but his voice had gotten quieter. “I’ve been wandering out in that rain, and I just wanted to get somewhere to dry off and warm up for a little bit. I don’t want to hurt anybody.”“Are you alone?” Nolita asked, her gun still pointed at his head.“Yes, I’m alone.” He nodded.“Are you army?” Boden motioned to his jacket.“What?” His face scrunched in confusion, and then he looked down at his clothes. “No. I found this.”“You took it from a soldier then?” Boden crossed his arms over his chest, eyeing him up.“I took it from a zombie,” the guy clarified. “I was cold, and I needed a jacket.”Bishop stepped forward to get a better look at him. She’d been standing in front of…

Read Stripped (Stripped #1)(2) online free by Jasinda Wilder

Stripped (Stripped #1)(2)
Author: Jasinda WilderFinally, Mrs. L stops the practice and brings me forward, having everyone else line up on the barre along one wall. “Grey, you’re doing great, my dear, but you need to get this part down. You can do the pas de chat perfectly on your own, but for whatever reason, when you try it with the other girls, you mess up. Why do you think this is?”Mrs. LeRoux is a tiny woman, barely over five feet tall, with iron-gray hair and pale gray eyes set shallow in her beautiful face. She’s French, having moved to Georgia twenty years ago with her husband, who died suddenly, leaving her in debt. She opened a dance studio with the last of her cash and fought her way to prosperity, one lesson at a time. I’ve seen her dance before, and she isn’t one of those teachers who can’t do what they teach. Mrs. LeRoux can make you cry with a two-minute routine. As a teacher, she’s fiery and fierce, demanding yet fair, and compassionate in all things. She’s never mean in…

Read Play My Game (Stark Trilogy #3.7)(14) online free by J. Kenner

Play My Game (Stark Trilogy #3.7)(14)
Author: J. KennerWhen I reach the house, I don’t bother parking in the garage. Instead, I leave the Jeep in the circular drive and use the key code to enter the house. Though we have a butler/valet/all-around general house guy, Gregory does not live on the property. On the contrary, Damien has rented an apartment for him nearby, and is building a small bungalow on the eastern portion of the property that will become Gregory’s home.All of which is fine with me. I like Gregory. But I like being alone with Damien a whole lot more.I take the stairs two at a time, then race into our closet, which is really more of a dressing room. For that matter, it’s really more of an apartment, considering the entire space is bigger than the efficiency I lived in for one semester during college.The jewelry drawers are against the back wall, and a single code unlocks all of them. I punch it in, then pull out the black velvet–lined drawer that holds the various bits of…

Read Infatuation (Club Destiny #4)(20) online free by Nicole Edwards

Infatuation (Club Destiny #4)(20)
Author: Nicole EdwardsShe’d pulled her hair up on top of her head, clipped it in stylish disarray, and that was that. As always, she didn’t use a lot of make-up, but this time, she’d accentuated her eyes, knowing that men seemed to salivate when they got a good look at her eyes. Exotic, people called them.Pulling her chair up to her desk, she opened her laptop and began prepping today’s article. She finally received the edits, and she just needed to make a couple of tweaks to get it prepared for publishing. McKenna was going to be prepared for Tag, no matter what time he decided to show up.“Depends on what I do tonight,” McKenna mocked him out loud, her fingers digging into the keyboard.The audacity of that man.With her fingers flying across the keyboard, McKenna managed to immerse herself in the juicy details that she would be posting later that day. Obviously so engrossed in what she was doing she hadn’t realized what time it was until there was a kn…

Read Sunrise Kisses (The Kisses Series #8)(13) online free by Krista Lakes

Sunrise Kisses (The Kisses Series #8)(13)
Author: Krista LakesThe word “cardiac” resonated in my mind, reverberating and cinching the cords of panic even tighter. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think. I needed my father to wake up.“Ava.” Mr. Belrose grabbed my wrist, his eyes connecting with mine. When I looked at him, the slender threads of panic holding me in place lessened. He knew how to be in charge and what need to be done. I was so glad he was taking control because I was freaking out. “Ava, I need you to go get the AED. It's in the kitchen next to the door. Lucia will know where it is if you don't see it right away. I need you to bring it to me, okay?”I nodded, my head bouncing wildly. His words were my direction and I took off running the moment he let go of my wrist. I ran as fast as my legs could pump, skittering and sliding across the wood floors like an overgrown puppy all the way to the kitchen.I stumbled into the bright yellow kitchen, panting and eyes wi…

Read Play My Game (Stark Trilogy #3.7)(11) online free by J. Kenner

Play My Game (Stark Trilogy #3.7)(11)
Author: J. Kenner“Christ,” he says, when he breaks the kiss. “Oh, Christ, Nikki.” His hands are all over me—cupping my breasts, following the line of my waist, sliding hard between my legs so that I grind down against him and moan with arousal and a wildly desperate need.“Yes,” I say, though he has asked me no question. The word is an invitation. An admission. An acknowledgment. I want his touch—I want everything. And I need it, dear lord, how I need it right now.Most important, I know that he needs it, too. He needs to take me. To claim me.He needs to bury himself deep inside me and know that no matter how fucked up the outside world becomes, this passion between us will never fade. That I will always be there for him, whenever and however he wants.“Yes,” I say again, even as he undresses me, not bothering with buttons or zippers but yanking me out of my skirt and ripping my blouse open so that only seconds pass before I feel his mouth close over …

Read Play My Game (Stark Trilogy #3.7)(2) online free by J. Kenner

Play My Game (Stark Trilogy #3.7)(2)
Author: J. Kenner“I like the sound of that,” I admit. We’ve been back home from our honeymoon for a few days, but neither one of us has gone back to work officially yet. I’ve done some coding at home, but not much. Just minor tweaking of a few of my smartphone apps. And Damien, of course, has fielded dozens of phone calls and read god-only-knows how many emails. But considering all he usually handles in the course of running the universe, his work activities over the last several weeks have been nonexistent by comparison.He takes my hand to lead me out of the kitchen and toward the bedroom, then pauses in front of the stack of cat food that I’ve moved from the pantry to the counter.“Please tell me that’s not your secret ingredient.”I know he expects me to laugh, but I just can’t manage it. Instead I lift a shoulder. “I’m going to box it up to take to Jamie.”Damien presses a soft kiss to the top of my head, obviously understanding my mood. “I know, b…

Read Sunrise Kisses (The Kisses Series #8)(6) online free by Krista Lakes

Sunrise Kisses (The Kisses Series #8)(6)
Author: Krista Lakes“Good night Miss Fairchild,” Mr. Belrose said evenly, turning to go back into the house. I just stood there, staring after him, holding the broken surfboard.“Next time, just let me handle any thieves,” Elijah remarked, walking past me to follow his boss. I nodded, waiting until they were both gone before going to my knees.That had been a disaster.I carefully picked up the broken surfboard nose and all the wrappings, finally noticing a trashcan just off to the side. It wasn't in the direct light from the house, so it was hard to see. That was why he had been looking around. If I had just waited thirty more seconds before turning into Sir Galahad, I wouldn't be in this mess.I carefully threw everything away before turning to go back in the house. Except, I didn't want to go back inside yet. Mr. Belrose and Elijah were inside, and the very last thing in the entire world that I wanted just now was to run into either o…

Read Play My Game (Stark Trilogy #3.7)(13) online free by J. Kenner

Play My Game (Stark Trilogy #3.7)(13)
Author: J. KennerI am at his side, our legs touching, because I do not think that it is possible for me to be so close to Damien and not touch him. I shift a bit though, so that I am facing him more directly, and we touch and talk and eat, with Damien feeding both himself and me.As we finish the cheese and move on to cubes of steak and pork in a fragrant port sauce, he tells me about the progress on Stark Plaza, a Century City office and retail complex that Stark Real Estate Development is working on. I fill him in on my progress with several apps I have in development, and with the details about a tech conference I’m hoping to attend in the summer.The talk of trips reminds him that he may need to travel to New York soon to meet with the new production manager at one of his subsidiaries, and he promises that if I take the time to go with him, he’ll take me to at least one Broadway play.I let him know in no uncertain terms that I will travel anywher…

Read Sunrise Kisses (The Kisses Series #8)(10) online free by Krista Lakes

Sunrise Kisses (The Kisses Series #8)(10)
Author: Krista LakesCharlotte grinned from ear to ear, her pretty brown eyes glowing. I could already feel the bonds of friendship forming between the two of us. Anyone who wanted to learn more about my favorite style of art had an instant in with me.I reluctantly swallowed the last bite of food on my plate. I wished I hadn't gobbled it all up quite so quickly, but it was just so delicious that I couldn't help it. I glanced over at my dad's plate to see if he had eaten his as quickly as I had, only to discover most of the food was still on his plate. I was a little concerned since this was a man who usually ended up finishing my plates.“You okay, Dad?” I asked, snagging a bite of his french toast. It was just as delicious as mine had been. “You've barely eaten.”He looked down at his plate in surprise. “I guess I still have some indigestion from last night,” he admitted. Seeing the worry written all over my face, he smiled and pu…

Read Play My Game (Stark Trilogy #3.7)(10) online free by J. Kenner

Play My Game (Stark Trilogy #3.7)(10)
Author: J. KennerCarmela has been silent through our conversation, but now she passes me her phone. It’s open to an email showing the same image, but her message is different. $200,000 by 10 p.m. PST on Feb. 13 or it goes public at dawn on Valentine’s Day. And all the others, too. Wiring instructions to follow. Like my email, this was supposedly sent from Damien.“I got the same email,” Damien says. “It came from you. Nikki Fairchild Stark.”“Fuck,” I say, then drag my fingers through my hair. “What does he mean by ‘the others’?”“More pictures, presumably,” Damien says, and his tone is so calm and so even that I know he is very close to losing it.“Our blackmailer did not send them.” Carmela finally speaks, her accent almost musical despite the horrific circumstances. “But I imagine they are …”“More graphic.” My hand reaches for Damien’s. “Yeah. I get that.” I glance between the two of them. “So what now?”“Now, I go.” Carmela eyes Damien. “You will le…

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Sunrise Kisses (The Kisses Series #8)(8)
Author: Krista LakesI looked up to see the corner of his lips twitched, hinting at his own amusement.“As long as you don't tackle me again, I promise not to hit you with a boat.” He kept his face straight, but his eyes twinkled. I couldn't help but smile back.He nodded politely and stepped away. Pulling his board close to him, he then lay down on his stomach and began paddling out into deeper water.It only took a moment before he rose first to his knees and then up to standing in a graceful motion I knew must have taken months of practice. Even from where I was standing, I could see his abs and arms working with the strength needed to push him through the water. It was easy to see how he stayed in such good shape if he did this every morning. It looked like a full body workout.I watched him for a moment, enjoying seeing his finesse and strength in the water, until I realized that I was staring again. Somehow I managed to blush even more,…

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Sunrise Kisses (The Kisses Series #8)(5)
Author: Krista LakesBe brave, I told myself. Remember those self defense classes...I didn't think. I just took a deep breath, and yelled my scariest, most alarm-raising shriek as I ran at the figure. Using every memory of watching Sunday night football games with my Dad, I planted my foot and brought both my arms up and under his. I let my legs do the rest of the work, pumping hard to push him backwards and up.It would have worked if he hadn't been well over six feet and outweighed me. And if he hadn't been pure muscle. Instead of flying to the ground like a sacked quarterback, he shrugged me off like a lineman, barely stumbling and still managing to hold onto the painting.“What the hell are you doing?” the man yelled at me. I wasn't sure how he did it, but he somehow got bigger scarier. It didn't help that it was dark and now the light was behind him, completely hiding his face.“You can't steal that painting,” I announce…