Read Falling For My Husband (British Billionaires #1)(28) online free by Pamela Ann

Falling For My Husband (British Billionaires #1)(28)
Author: Pamela Ann

Was it wrong that amidst all this tension and anger that I was getting turned on? He was all male and, dear God, the man was the sexiest animal I had ever seen.

“You gave me your word. Last night, you promised that you’re mine.” Callum inched closer, his hard, chiseled chest pressed against my heaving br**sts. “I don’t appreciate being lied to, Stella. Even if your body has been a new addiction for me, I don’t forgive easily,” he growled into my face, making me quiver from being so aroused with the threat in his words. “If you want to back out on our agreement, then say so. Chasing women was never a thing for me and I don’t plan to start one now.”

He wanted me to decide whether I wanted this or not. Right this instant. Well, what the heck did I want? My brows furrowed as I contemplated what to do. I’d choose him… but I knew I shouldn’t.

“Give me a few days,” I finally found my voice, shaky.

The air crackled between us. Our breathing ragged as it synchronized with each drag of our lungs. His dark eyes reached into mine, pulling and twisting into me, sucking me dry as they demanded all of me.

“No. Give me the answer now, Stella,” he barked out, unrelenting. “I’d rather have a willing woman in my bed than someone who is unsure of what she wants. I don’t have...

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